If you are relying on a computer or a hard drive, you may lose data when affected by files, magnetic fields, poor handling of hard drives etc. However, although professional data handlers can help you recover your data, there are numerous myths about data recovery. Some of the common myths are:


  1. Use a screwdriver to open the hard drive

If you are not a professional, you should not use a screwdriver to open your hard drive because you will damage it further. You may damage the mechanical parts, scratch its head or the platter thus losing all your data.


  1. Putting your hard drive in a freezer if it is not functioning

A lot of people who believe in this myth think that because hard drives overheat while functioning, putting them in a freezer will cool them down! This is not true because freezing your hard drive will cause the contraction to its metallic parts and damage its head position permanently.


  1. There is no special machine for data recovery

Experts use tools and manuals to recover data from a damaged hard drive. You cannot rely on screwdrivers to successfully recover data from a damaged storage device. You need special tools, recovery software and expertise.


  1. Freebies are the best because they are cheap

There are numerous people who claim they can recover data from a damaged software. In fact, there is also numerous free software which explains how you can do it. However, if you don’t want to lose your data, work with an expert who knows what he is supposed to do in case anything does not go as planned. Working with a freebie increases the chances of losing your data.


  1. Hard drives have a lifetime validity

This is wrong because everything has a lifespan. Normally, a hard drive lasts for 3 to 5 years depending on how you use it. However, there are exceptions which can last longer. You need to back up your data in case your hard drive or computer gets damaged.


  1. A hard drive has a vacuum inside

There is no vacuum inside a hard drive. There is only a space between the hard drive, the head and the holes to minimize the cost of production and implement new technology. Therefore, you should not believe the myth of having a vacuum inside a hard drive!


  1. Hitting or dropping your hard drive can make it function again

The hard drive is made up of mechanical parts which can get damaged if you hit or drop it. You should be very careful when handling a hard drive to avoid damaging it while trying to fix the problem.


  1. Professional data recovery is cheap

Hiring a professional to recover your data is quite expensive. However, the price might be determined by the level of damage to the hard drive, what happened to the drive and whether it requires out of the box approaches.


  1. Pull out the platters from the hard drive to fix it

The platters are very delicate and they should only be handled by a specialist using the right tools and approach. If you decide to do it on your own, you might inflict more damage.


  1. Data recovery can be done anywhere

There are numerous things that can further damage your hard drive. Therefore, you need a controlled environment to open your hard drive. Extreme temperatures, dust, moisture etc. are some of the things that can cause further damage when you open your hard disk in your house. Bottom line, you need a dust-free lab to do data recovery.