This is the real deal. This hard drive Data Recovery comes with data recovery (SafetyNet Data Recovery Service) as well as preloaded back up software with encryption. The data recovery comes with a 2 year warranty from purchase.

 It has a storage capacity of 500- 750 GB providing ample storage for your personal files. It has a USB 3.0 interface and 720rpm rotation speed for fast performance.

 It works with the mac OS as well as the windows without reformatting, has the ability to support many connection types with the help of swappable adapters. 

Seagate, the mastermind of this great hard drive revealed that the consumer surveys had reported demand in this area. Reason being, when a customer buys a hard drive mostly is to back up their precious information.

 They have noted that most people who call the customer service line tend to ask about how they can recover their data.

 This is why they have outdone themselves by being the first hard drive manufacturing company to offer data recovery service and be included on the purchase of the external hard drive. With this hard drive such problems are now history. 

This hard drive will save up on your cost, we all know how expensive it is to recover your data. It will always give you certainty and assurance on your documents safety and security.

Its design is smaller and weighs 0.33 pounds, making it very convenient and portable to travel with .It has 2 main parts the hard drive and the adapter, the hard drive is the high speed SATA internal hard drive protected by plastic chassis which has a small opening that reveals the SATA female connecter. 

The adapter has the mini-USB 3.0 port and the male SATA connecter. They are snapped on each other making the GoFlex Turbo hard drive. The USB 3.0 cable may have 2 functions: data cable or power cable. 

With these features one can interchange from hard drive to adapter especially if you have GoFlex portable drives in your house or office, making it very suitable for technicians. 

SafetyNet data recovery services add protection from mishap such as physical damage, human error and software viruses.

 It covers one recovery attempt for 2 year period after the original purchase .After your data is lost, the Seagate specialist will determine if the lab service or remote data recovery is the best and efficient way to recover the data. 

They try their best to take less time in retrieving your data, they know every second for you is an opportunity lost, they take 7 days after receiving if it is remote recovery and 14 days after it arrives from the lab, all this information is available in the terms and conditions of the program. 

If you have sensitive data that you want to backup this is your best option. It will be worthwhile.