A Forensic investigator faces challenges when it comes to managing time. These investigators usually desire to handle cases without distraction to ensure every stone is overturned and details met with precision. But this seems to be a pipe dream for most of them. Because caseloads are growing every day, the amount of work to be done is simply too overwhelming. There needs to be some process and tool which make work easier. This is where Internet Evidence Finder comes in.

What is Internet Evidence Finder

These are popular tools that have been used for a long time to recover internet evidence. These tools play an important role in the investigative process since they speed up the entire artifact recovery process. This is how:

(a) Automatic searching of evidence

The tool automatically searches for evidence or unstructured data from different sources. These may include searching from pagefile.sys, unallocated space and volume shadow copies.

(b) Arranging evidence in meaningful format

Once evidence has been retrieved, an Internet Evidence Finder tool will arrange it in the relevant category so that this information can make sense.

(c) Analysis of data

Once this information is arranged properly, the investigator will efficiently analyze the collected information by searching or filtering. The investigator may also use visualization techniques such as mapping, chat threads, rebuilding web pages and so on.

An Internet evidence finder is a very handy tool because it makes work easier for the investigator who may not have enough time. Instead of shifting back and forth to look for more evidence when analyzing data, this tool compiles everything that they need in one place. What is more, it even collects more information that the investigator may not have thought about in the initial stages of conducting their investigations.

More benefits that come with using Internet Evidence Finder tools

Suspects may delete information hoping to make retrieval more difficult. In some cases, this will be effective in making it difficult to recover information using other forensic tools. However, Internet Evidence Finder tools use special carving and parsing techniques that search all locations. This way, an investigator’s work is made easier because they don’t miss out on critical evidence.

Secondly, because manual carving and parsing is automatically eliminated, the workload is trimmed hence the investigator will come up with results faster than expected. Thankfully, developers are even making friendlier user interfaces to ensure that these tools suit investigators of all levels.

What is more, Internet Evidence Finder tools can recover data from mobile devices as well. These tools work with all mobile operating systems to retrieve critical data. They will capture live RAM, detect encrypted data, or run a comprehensive search for the information in question.


You can buy an Internet Evidence Finder tool from popular developers known to supply forensic professionals with these tools. The most effective IEF tools are ones that are used by government agencies, organizations, and businesses. It might come at a cost, but the investment is worth it.